Dr. Juan William Sandoval Borges, MBA, Ed.D


This is the professional portfolio of Dr. Juan William Sandoval Borges

Dr. Sandoval is a highly qualified professional in the field of educational technology, instructional design and distance learning, boasting extensive experience in various facets, including teaching college courses, conducting faculty training, managing IT operations, and overseeing executive responsibilities. His expertise extends to instructional design, distance education, and the seamless implementation of educational technology tools within college classrooms, K-12 schools, and online learning environments. 

Notably, Dr. Sandoval is a recognized authority in Learning Management Systems (LMS), demonstrating exceptional proficiency in their design, implementation, and optimization. His mastery of LMS systems has been instrumental in enhancing educational experiences and outcomes across diverse educational settings. 

Moreover, Dr. Sandoval has played a pivotal role in collaborative efforts with the University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico government agencies and the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, participating in numerous projects that leverage technology and distance education to advance educational goals. His strategic contributions to these initiatives have underscored his commitment to advancing the field of education through innovative approaches and technology-driven solutions. 

Furthermore, he stands as a robust leader with a proven track record of effectively collaborating with individuals at all organizational levels and within various functional areas. His leadership skills are underpinned by tangible achievements and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of educational technology and distance learning projects, which he has successfully managed across different educational contexts.

Connect with Dr. Sandoval 

Email: william.sandoval@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://pr.linkedin.com/in/drwilliamsandoval

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